Title Author/s
Projected solutions of Nash equilibrium problems: a solution for the modelling of bidding process? Didier Aussel, Asrifa Sultana and V. Vetrivel
Front-end uranium mining market evaluation using a uranium market clearing model with a rules-based challenge approach. Aris Auzans and Alan Tkaczyk
Piecewise Parametric Structure in the Pooling Problem – from Sparse Strongly-Polynomial Solutions to NP-Hardness. Radu Baltean-Lugojan and Ruth Misener.
HAMSI: A Parallel Incremental Optimization Algorithm Using Quadratic Approximations for Solving Partially Separable Problems. Ilker Birbil
The complexity of simple models – a study of worst and typical hard cases of the StQP. Immanuel Bomze, Werner Schachinger and Reinhard Ullrich
Structural and functional optimization in distribution grid planning. Alessandro Bosisio, Edoardo Amaldi and Alberto Berizzi
A Guided Tour to MINLP Problems in Data Science Emilio Carrizosa
Optimization and Control in Networks of Electric Vehicles. Emanuele Crisostomi
Zero-price Energy Offering by (Multiband) Robust Optimization. Fabio D’Andreagiovanni, Giovanni Felici and Fabrizio Lacalandra
Electricity price optimization in the competitive market. Allegra De Filippo, Michele Lombardi and Michela Milano
Optimal energy management in Virtual Power Plants. Allegra De Filippo, Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano and Alberto Borghetti
A control based approach for solving ancillary service problems in smart grids. Giulia De Zotti, Seyyed Ali Pourmousavi, Henrik Madsen and Niels Kjølstad Poulsen
Impact of Unit Commitment constraints in the day-ahead bidding strategy of a power producer. Enzo Dalby, Ibrahim Abada and Guillaume Erbs.
On strategic multistage scenario trees, and tactical graphs and subtrees for multi-horizon stochastic mixed 0-1 optimization in electricity Transmission / Generation network capacity Expansion Planning (TGEP). Laureano F. Escudero, Antonio Alonso-Ayuso and F. Javier Martin-Campo.
Metaheuristic Method for Workforce Planning. Stefka Fidanova
SMS++: A Structured Modeling System with Application in Energy Optimization. Wim van Ackooij, Antonio Frangioni and Kostas Tavlaridis-Gyparakis
Optimal design of multi-energy systems with long-term energy storage. Paolo Gabrielli, Matteo Gazzani, Marco Mazzotti and Emanuele Martelli
Enhanced Short Term Energy Load Forecasting Using Web-Based Social Networks. Haris Gavranovic, Mehmed Kantardzic, Nedim Gavranovic, Hanqing Hu and Izudin Dzafic
A new tight MIP formulation for the Single-Unit Commitment problem with ramping constraints. Claudio Gentile and Antonio Frangioni
A Semidefinite Programming Approach for Transmission Network Expansion Planning. Bissan Ghaddar
A Dantzig-wolfe Decomposition With Nonlinear Subproblems For Recursive Circle Packing. Ambros Gleixner, Stephen John Maher, Benjamin Müller and Joao Pedro Pedroso
Dynamic multi-site Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch (CHPED) under transmission constraints. Alvaro José González Castellanos, Priyanko Guha Thakurta and Aldo Bischi
Nuclear reactors outage optimization: an exact approach to test robustness with respect to demand variations and power plant availability. Rodolphe Griset, Pascale Bendotti, Boris Detienne, Hugo Gevret, Marc Porcheron and François Vanderbeck
Smart Grid: Opportunities for Process Industries. Iiro Harjunkoski
A Decomposition Approach to Power Rationing in a Long Term Power Shortage: The Case of Nigeria. Alastair Heggie, Ken McKinnon and A. H. Van Der Weijde
Modelling and Evaluating of Flexible Multi-Energy Systems for Low Carbon Energy Environment. Ninoslav Holjevac, Tomislav Capuder and Igor Kuzle
Energy Storage in Electricity Markets. Kristina Jurković, Igor Kuzle and Hrvoje Pandzic
Artificial neural networks and genetic algrithm in short term electric load forecasting. Željko Kanović, Milena Petković, Zoran Jeličić
Evolution of European Electricity Markets: Challenges for the Optimization Community. Lacalandra, Fabrizio
Mixed Integer Quadratically Constrained Optimization Problems in Energy Management Applications for Electro-Thermal Networks. Martin Kautz, Stefan Langemeyer, Thomas Lehmann, Michael Metzger, Amjad Mohsen, Roland Reichenbacher, Jochen Schäfer
Robust Approaches for Challenging Network Optimization Problems. Frauke Liers
On big data, optimization and learning. Andrea Lodi
A comprehensive data-analysis based Demand Side Management. Slobodan Lukovic, Igor Kaitovic and Miroslaw Malek
Revisiting minimum profit conditions in uniform price day-ahead electricity auctions. Mehdi Madani and Mathieu Van Vyve
Controlling the Electricity Load in Future Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems. Henrik Madsen
Reliable optimal operation of distributed energy supply systems. Dinah Elena Majewski, Malte Jensen, Maike Hennen and André Bardow
Optimal scheduling and design of CHP systems integrated within energy districts via MILP and MINLP approaches. Emanuele Martelli
On (total) f-domination and its application to location of power generating equipments: polyhedral and algorithmic results. Mauro Dell’Amico and Jose Neto
Toward Cost-Efficient and Reliable Unit Commitment Under Uncertainty. Hrvoje Pandzic
How we wrote a decision support system helping power operators on day-ahead energy market. Luigi Poderico and Andrea Nerli
District Heating: current and future challenges for network and plants optimization. Matteo Pozzi
On Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming to visualize Complex Data. Emilio Carrizosa, Vanesa Guerrero and Dolores Romero Morales
Stochastic Hydrothermal Unit Commitment via Multi-level Scenario Tree. Claudia Sagastizabal, E. Finardi, R. Lobato, V. de Matos and A. Tomasgard
Is bilevel programming a special case of a mathematical program with complementary constraints?, the pessimistic counterpart. Anton Kristoffer Svensson Graan
Nonlinear Chance-Constrained Problems with applications to Hydro Scheduling. Andrea Lodi, Enrico Malaguti, Giacomo Nannicini and Dimitri Thomopulos
Long term electricity generation management at EDF. François Turboult
Computational toolbox for fragility and resilience assessment of energy systems. Konstantin Turitsyn
Optimization of Design and Operations of District Heating and Cooling Networks. Daniele Vigo, Chiara Bordin and Angelo Gordini
Pricing Bilevel Model for Demand Side Management. Luce Brotcorne, Sébastien Lepaul and Léonard von Niederhäusern
A methodology for designing smart energy networks under uncertainty via stochastic optimization. Emanuele Martelli, Edoardo Amaldi and Matteo Zatti